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  • Blog Post: Floating NPP Completes Pre-Licensing Tests April 25, 2019
    Rosatom operations subsidiary Rosenergoatom said that the twin KLT-40 icebreaker reactors on the floating power station Akademik Lomonosov had passed comprehensive pre-licensing tests and would be issued operating license in July. The floating nuclear power plant will be towed to its final destination during the far north shipping season this summer and “is ready to […]
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  • Blog Post: US DOE to fund nuclear data research April 25, 2019
    The US Department of Energy has announced USD7.5 million of funding over three years to help expand and improve the quality of data needed for a wide range of nuclear-related activities from basic research in nuclear science, to isotope production, nonproliferation efforts, and nuclear power generation. more
  • Blog Post: Nuclear is the key to hybrid energy systems April 25, 2019
    Halting climate change demands rapid and deep decarbonisation of energy systems, which go far beyond the electricity grid, Rauli Partanen, CEO of Think Atom told delegates at the Atomexpo conference held in Sochi, Russia last week. In a roundtable discussion - What mix of nuclear and renewables can best achieve sustainable development? - Partanen presented […]
  • Blog Post: US Senate committee to discuss waste management reforms April 25, 2019
    US Senator John Barrasso has released a discussion draft of legislation that would reform the country's nuclear waste management policy to ensure the federal government's legal obligations to dispose of used nuclear fuel and high-level waste are fulfilled. more
  • Blog Post: Second Korean APR-1400 connected to grid April 25, 2019
    Unit 4 of the Shin Kori nuclear power plant was connected to the electricity grid on 22 April, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power announced today. Unit 3 of the South Korean plant became the first APR-1400 to begin supplying electricity to the grid in January 2016. more
  • Blog Post: Study Shows ‘Widespread Economic Benefits’ Of European Nuclear Energy Industry April 25, 2019
    25 Apr (NucNet): The European nuclear industry sustains more than 1.1 million jobs in the EU and generates more than half a trillion euros in GDP, according to a study released today by Deloitte and the Brussels-based nuclear industry group Foratom. more
  • Comment on A Plausible Scenario for Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Energy Plan; Goodbye US AP1000, Hello China Hualong One via Pakistan April 25, 2019
    What if a terror or other group takes some strong armor penetrating rockets, smuggle them into a country and fires them from a relative small distance (so they cannot miss, but far enough such that their preparations can go on unnoticed) on the dome of a nuclear power reactor?
  • Comment on Machovce Unit 3 Completes Hot Hydro Testing April 24, 2019
    Not Machovce but Mochovce
  • Blog Post: CNNC Completes Qinshan NPP Uprate April 24, 2019
    The China National Nuclear Corporation said this week that it had completed a 50 MWe net upgrade of the country's oldest domestic nuclear power plant to 350 MWe, calling the engineering work an "important reference ... for the power enhancement of subsequent power stations." The upgrade approach at the Qinshan plant was the country's first […]
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  • Blog Post: Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd Awards Framework Contracts April 24, 2019
    The company in charge of decommissioning at the fast breeder research and development site in Scotland, Dounreay Site Restoration Limited (DSRL) said it had awarded six framework contracts that involve 28 companies and their supply chains. The contracts are valued at $518 million and cover four years with the potential to add an additional three […]
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