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At LCA, we do two things very well: we supply specialized equipment – cameras, underwater lights, and accessories – developed for use in hazardous environments, and we design processes that make that equipment, ours, and yours, so incredibly durable. If you’re looking for our range of top-of-the-line video and lighting equipment or looking to use our patented processes on your own, give us a call and we will help you select exactly what you need for your application. Our equipment is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, whether deep underwater or in the heart of a nuclear reactor. So, whether you need long-lasting and rugged equipment to keep your facility secure or are interested in applying our unique processes in your own manufacturing, we have a solution for you.




Why Choose Us

Our story: begins over 35 years ago, when Walt, an instructor at Western Illinois University, visited the Quad Cities nuclear plant. At the time, he was also a business consultant for underwater camera companies – but immediately noticed the potential crossover. The environmental conditions the underwater cameras were designed for made them ideal for use in nuclear facilities. He was told there was no market in the nuclear industry.
Undaunted, he pushed forward, and began on a path that would lead to an ongoing pursuit of the best equipment possible to ensure the critical lighting and video observation that is so important to nuclear utilities. He helped developed new techniques for anodizing aluminum and is working on making plating more dependable for critical applications.
His ideas had to be demonstrated to suppliers. New products and product designs had to be custom made. The criteria of the nuclear industry has led him though processes, always moving toward the mission of supplying his clients with high quality, dependable equipment backed by the best customer service possible.

Cameras & Security Systems


Do you need more light? Or maybe dimmable panels to adjust your lighting levels? Then check out the RADION-3. The RADION-3 is a three panel LED light with dimming capabilities that offers up to 90,000 lumens of illumination.

Houses and Business Security


If the RADION-3, offering up to 90,000 lumen is not enough, then look at our RADION-6, offering up to 180,000 lumens of illumination. Dimmable, like the RADION-3, the RADION-6 has six LED light panels.

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Blu-Vue Camera Retrofit


Grate Inspection Machine

Bell Pulley for Cable


Cable Reel System Designed for 3 Cameras per Reel


Here’s what our customers are saying about us

The RADION-6 light we purchased prior to our last outage worked great. We used the light while cleaning up our cask storage pool. The light aided us in seeing and picking up small items left on the floor from processing control blades and channels for disposal. The RADION-6 illuminated the entire pool floor

Dave Ollman

Quad Cities Station has been very pleased with the performance of the RADION-6 lights so far. We have been able to replace four (4) of the 1000 watt high pressure sodium lights with just two of the RADION-6 lights in our Spent Fuel Pool, with overall improved lighting and greatly reduced power input.

Jerry Pavetto

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