Mission Statement:

Lights to: Illuminate in-air and underwater environments to improve safety.

Camera to: Inspect and view potential safety concerns in-air and underwater.

Action to: Make safety the forefront of our mission.

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Our story begins over 25 years ago, when Walt, an instructor at Western Illinois University, visited the Quad Cities nuclear plant. At the time, he was also a business consultant for underwater camera companies – but immediately noticed the potential crossover. The environmental conditions the underwater cameras were designed for made them ideal for use in nuclear facilities. He was told there was no market in the nuclear industry.
Undaunted, he pushed forward, and began on a path that would lead to an ongoing pursuit of the best equipment possible to ensure the critical lighting and video observation that is so important to critical facilities.He helped developed new techniques for anodizing aluminum and is working on making plating more dependable for critical applications.
His ideas had to be demonstrated to suppliers. New products and product designs had to be custom made. The criteria of the nuclear industry led his though process, always moving toward the mission of supplying his clients with high quality, dependable equipment backed by the best customer service possible