Our cameras are designed for use in both air and water, and like everything we produce are built to last. We understand that our cameras are just one component of a system. We will work with you to customize a system to your specifications.  We have built customized systems for a dam retrofit on the Columbia River, an Antarctic expedition to research Ice Fish, and observations at Sea World,Whether you want to explore inland waterways, study the depths of an Antarctic lake, or inspect the inside of a nuclear reactor, Lights Camera Action, LLC will work with you to create a system that is designed to fit your individual requirements.


Color CCTV Fixed Focus Cameras

The Blu-Vue cameras are a fixed focus CCTV type of camera. There is an inner housing in the Blu-Vue camera that gives additional strength to the outer housing and also increased the radiation tolerance a bit. Typically, all CCTV type cameras are radiation tolerant in the neighborhood of 2 x 104RAD. The increase of the inner housing will be noticeable, but it will also be minimal. You can shield the side of the module, but the gamma radiation cannot be shielded from the front window. The cable and controller for the Blu-Vue camera are designed for the nuclear environment and are therefore “heavy duty”. The Blu-Vue camera is designed with a detachable polyurethane cable. The controller was designed to eliminate weak points in molded power cables.Lights Camera Action, LLC globally sponsors underwater robotics by offering the SS-AquaCam to educational institutions at a 40% discount. Schools from Elementary level to College level benefit in being able to have a quality camera that is affordable.  The SS-AquaCam’s 100’ neoprene cable is not detachable. It does come with a power supply and dimmable LED lights. It is a quality camera that gives a good color image although the resolution is lower than the Blu-Vue.

Color CCTV Zoom Camera


The RT-200 is a color zoom camera with 36:1 zoom capabilities. It is a custom built camera and comes with a variety of accessories. It is also a CCTV type camera and is not more radiation tolerant than the Fixed Focus cameras. It does have the advantage of being able to zoom into viewing range from a further distance. It can be ordered with either internal or external LED lighting. The RT-200 does require a controller which can be made to control the camera, lights and if needed, a pan and tilt unit.

High Radiation Cameras


The RH-400 camera uses the same Chalnicon tubes as the RH-300 but the camera itself is multiplexed. This enables the cable to be substantially smaller in diameter than the RH-300. The radiation tolerance is a bit lower than the RH-300 because more of the components are in the camera. The radiation tolerance is 7 x 107which is slightly less than the tolerance of the RH-300. The tradeoff is that the RH-400 has the ability to control not only the camera but also the LED lighting and the pan and tilt control through the ¼” cable.The RT-200, RH-300 and the RH-400 cameras are manufactured for us by Custom Cameras, Ltd. in the U.K.Contact us and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you.


High radiation cameras are by design able to be used in high radiation environments. They are able to withstand gamma radiation in the area of 2 x 108 total dose or 106 RAD per hour. High radiation cameras are “tube cameras” and at this level of radiation tolerance, they are black and white cameras.

Camera Control Units