When the team was developing the revolutionary TriPlex Process, questions where raised and new ideas were sparked. This led to some fascinating new areas of discovery, one of the most promising of which was Metalnucleation.

Metalnucleation is a metal bonding process that can be applied virtually anywhere where metal plating is required, resulting in a stronger, longer-lasting product that could mean a large reduction in life-cycle costs and repairs.

When plating steel, the flaking or fracturing of the top coating layer is often an issue. When the plating in question is on something like a ball bearing in a high-powered engine, that breakdown can mean the destruction of the entire engine, and has the potential for a huge impact in terms of cost – all from one ball bearing.

Our investigation into the TriPlex coating process led us to examine many assumptions made about steel plating, and led to the Metalnucleation process for bonding two dissimilar metals together. One of the biggest issues in plating comes from the air barrier that is often created in the plating process.

Despite its tiny size, this air barrier is often the thing that leads to the eventual breakdown of the plating – and we’ve discovered a way around it. Now, we just have to bring it to the world, and start revolutionizing manufacturing, one business at a time.

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