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  • Comment on Cameco, X-energy To Collaborate on SMR September 24, 2021
    More tax dollars going out the window to technology no one needs. Elaborate named companies love to suck up DOE dollars to work on projects no one will ever order. Beautiful.
  • Blog Post: NuScale signs with new Polish partners to replace coal September 24, 2021
    NuScale has signed a second agreement to consider its small reactors as a general replacement for coal units in Poland. The US small reactor vendor will support two energy firms, Poland-based Unimot and USA-based Getka, in their joint work to explore the possibility. more
  • Blog Post: CNSC confirms orders on CANDU restarts September 24, 2021
    The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has confirmed or amended orders issued to Bruce Power and Ontario Power Generation related to pressure tube fitness for service following a public hearing held on 10 September. The regulator confirmed the orders issued for certain units at the Bruce, Darlington and Pickering CANDU plants, but removed Pickering more
  • Comment on Illinois Passes Energy Bill, Forestalls Closures September 23, 2021
    Take the wind and solar subsidies' with 35% and 10-25% capacity factor away and give them to Nuclear with 98% capacity factor. Nuclear plants take up a lot less space and put out a lot more power than wind and solar.
  • Blog Post: Polish companies sign MoUs on SMR deployment and supply chain September 23, 2021
    Two separate agreements have been announced between Polish companies and North American small modular reactor vendors and suppliers. A memorandum of understanding between Cameco, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, GEH SMR Technologies Canada Ltd and Synthos Green Energy will see those companies evaluate a potential Canadian supply chain for a fleet of BWRX more
  • Blog Post: Group of Vienna aims to tackle global challenges September 23, 2021
    Global nuclear industry leaders have agreed to work together with the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency as the Group of Vienna to apply nuclear energy to addressing climate change and advancing sustainable development. more
  • Blog Post: Normandy restates its support for EPRs at Penly September 23, 2021
    Local elected officials from the region around the Penly nuclear power plant in Normandy, northern France, have reiterated their support for the construction of two EPR2 reactors at the site. In a manifesto expressing their support, they say such a project - representing an investment of about EUR15 billion (USD17 billion) - would have a […]
  • Blog Post: Companies sign agreement to increase Ukrainian power output September 23, 2021
    Westinghouse Electric Company and Ukrainian company NT-Engineering LLC have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to implement maintenance optimisation and system repair projects for VVER reactors. They said the work will increase the safety levels and performance of Ukrainian VVERs, improving annual power output and reducing operational costs. more
  • Blog Post: Tokamak Energy develops new magnet protection technology September 23, 2021
    Tokamak Energy of the UK announced it has demonstrated a transformative magnet protection technology that improves the commercial viability of fusion power plants, delivering higher performance than alternative magnet systems. It said results from the latest tests validate a revolutionary approach to scaling up high-temperature superconducting magnets more
  • Blog Post: Kursk II Site Receives Reactor Pressure Vessel September 22, 2021
    It was a long trip and a move-over load, but Russian nuclear power corporation Rosatom said this week the “atomic heart” of the future Kursk II Unit 1 reactor--the VVER-TOI reactor pressure vessel VVER-TOI--had arrived its final destination, the construction site in Kurchatov in southwestern Russia. From producer to plant, it was a journey of […]
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