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  • Comment on Framatome Signs Dominion Energy Service Contract April 14, 2021
    I am pretty sure these workers are coming from the Lynchburg, Virginia location of framatome.
  • Blog Post: Steam Turbine Components Reach Akkuyu April 14, 2021
    The first heavy component of the steam turbine set – the rotor of the high and intermediate pressure cylinder (HP and IP cylinder), which weighs above 107 tons and is more than 12 meters long – was delivered to the Akkuyu NPP construction site in Turkey, Russian nuclear industrial Rosatom said on April 6. The […]
    Nuclear Street News
  • Blog Post: US conversion plant gears up for next 40 years April 14, 2021
    The business case behind the decision to restart the USA's only domestic uranium conversion facility announced earlier this year rested on suitable answers to several "puzzle piece" questions falling into place, ConverDyn's Malcolm Critchley told the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle forum yesterday. more
  • Blog Post: Kazatomprom put health before profit during pandemic, says Pirmatov April 14, 2021
    The pandemic has shown the resilience of the nuclear industry to act responsibly, both as a supplier of energy and as an employer, the head of the world's biggest uranium producer said today. In his address to delegates at the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle forum, Kazatomprom CEO Galymzhan Pirmatov said the wellbeing of the company's […]
  • Blog Post: TRISO fuel made in Canada for first time April 14, 2021
    Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has fabricated proprietary advanced fuel pellets for Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation's Micro Modular Reactor. This is the first time that a TRISO-based nuclear fuel has been manufactured in Canada. more
  • Blog Post: China / Beijing Plans $422 Million Underground Laboratory For Repository Research April 14, 2021
    China will spend $422m building an underground laboratory for research into storing high-level radioactive waste from the country’s growing fleet of nuclear power plants with the aim of building the country’s first deep geologic repository by 2050. more
  • Blog Post: Regulator bans fuel loading at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa April 14, 2021
    Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority has today issued an administrative order to Tokyo Electric Power Company preventing it from transporting nuclear fuel stored at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant or loading it into reactors. The order - issued in response to a series of security breaches at the site - will delay Tepco's planned restart of unit […]
  • Blog Post: IAEA's presence is expanding, says Grossi April 14, 2021
    The International Atomic Energy Agency has a clear mandate, but the climate crisis and the economic impact of the pandemic mean that, on behalf of its Member States, it needs to have a more visible presence than has traditionally been the case, its director general said yesterday during the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle forum, which […]
  • Blog Post: Cameco buoyed by global interest in nuclear April 13, 2021
    Canadian uranium producer Cameco is "bullish about the future" thanks to growing interest from around the world in nuclear energy as a reliable, sustainable and low-carbon source of electricity, President and CEO Tim Gitzel said today during the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle forum, which is being held this week by the US Nuclear Energy Institute […]
  • Blog Post: USA preparing to lead advanced nuclear fuel supply, says Korsnick April 13, 2021
    There is bipartisan support in the USA for the country to be the world's leading supplier of fuel for advanced reactors, Maria Korsnick, president and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute, said today during the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle forum, which the NEI is co-hosting this week with World Nuclear Association. more