Blu-Vue 700

Introducing the new Blu-Vue 700 TriPlex™!  The Blu-Vue 700 is a proprietary design, high-end color analog camera with lower illumination requirements.  That means it needs less light that you might expect while still delivering nearly HD quality at 700 TV.  The unit is made in-house by Lights, Camera, Action LLC in the USA using a proprietary design.A fixed focus camera, the Blu-Vue can be set up to film from 6 inches to infinity – just swap the lenses to get the view you need.The patent-pending TriPlex™ process has been applied to the camera body, the main housing, and back retaining ring, giving the Blu-Vue 700 the quality and craftsmanship you have come to expect from Lights Camera Action, LLC.

Blu-Vue 700 Titanium

For when even TriPlex strength isn’t enough, we present: The Blu-Vue 700 Titanium

We took our new 700 TVL technology and placed it in a Titanium housing and added a Titanium connector, for the ultimate in durability in the oceanographic environment.


  • Underwater structure inspections (Dams, pillars, pipe inlets, etc.)
  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • Nuclear Utility Inspections
  • Fisheries
  • Oceanographic Research
  • ROV Projects
  • Machine / Robotic Inspections
  • Scuba Diving Observation
  • Manufacturing Quality Control
  • Laboratory Research


Do you want a cost effective color camera with 36:1 zoom capabilities? The RT-200 uses a Sony module to create one of the best underwater color zoom cameras in the industry. Coupled with the RT-200s lighting, pan & tilt, and console controls, you have a camera system that offers functionality and provides quality imaging.  The 36:1 lens not only offers TELEPHOTO zoom capability (1.7° H-FOV), but a WIDE horizontal field of view of 57.8°. When used in combination with its 12x digital zoom, the 36x optical zoom lens results in a zoom capability up to 432x, giving users the ability to zoom in on small or distant objects with exceptional clarity. While the RT-200 was originally developed for low-radiation inspections for the nuclear industry it has found applications in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments. All functions are remotely operated from the Control Unit by multiplexed control signals superimposed on the “Y” video signal. Among the additional features are left-right inversion (for when the camera is viewing through a mirror), image stabilization, and auto/manual focus and fast/slow zoom speeds.

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There are times when more flexibility is desired. The RT-200i is the inverted version of the RT-200. All of the benefits plus some added flexibility when used in conjunction with either the SPT-550i or the SPT-700i inverted pan and tilt positioner.

For additional information and specifications look under systems.

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The SS-AquaCam is a sleek, low cost color camera. Sporting a stainless steel housing with 8 white LEDs and a winged mounting bracket, the SS-AquaCam can be used for ROV projects, scuba diving, oceanographic research, search and rescue operations, and much more. Made in China, the SS-AquaCam is an affordable solution for underwater projects at depth up to 100 feet. The camera comes equipped with a 100-foot hard-wired neoprene jacketed cable and sends its signal along to the female RCA video connector. Powered by a 120 VAC to 12 VDC adapter attached to the cable by a male barrel plug, a rheostat is built into the cable to allow the LED lights to be dimmed.

The SS-AquaCam is a fantastic choice for schools and groups undertaking underwater robotic projects! A similar camera was used by the Arizona high school team that took on MIT’s underwater robotics team in a head to head challenge – and WON!  Their story was told in the 2015 movie Spare Parts, and Lights Camera Action, LLC was a proud supplier of the cameras used by the team to keep an eye on their robot’s progress.  Lights Camera Action, LLC supports and sponsors aquatic educational programs in North America and Internationally by offering the SS-AquaCam at a substantial discount to educational organizations.


  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Sony 1/3” Super HAD CCD
  • 540 TV Lines Resolution
  • 6mm Lens
  • 8 White LEDs
  • 12 VDC power supply included
  • Hard-wired 100-foot cable
  • Depth rated to 150 feet