Since we started supplying lighting and camera equipment to nuclear clientele back in 1999, we’ve branched out to a wider range of  LED lighting, cameras, and accessories. Are you looking to light up an area?  Whether it is in a nuclear facility, 100 feet above a city park ora 100 feet underwater, we’ve got you covered.Need to monitor what’s going on?  Our cameras, like our lights, are rugged, long-lasting, and can go pretty much anywhere, in-air or underwater. Oftentimes, getting the perfect set up depends on having the right accessories.  We have cable reels, tripods, insulating resin, power adapters, and cable splicing tape. Need to extend your reach? Check out our retrieval tools, and remove foreign matter in hard-to-reach places. Not sure WHAT you need?  Give us a call, and we’ll work with you to determine the best equipment to meet your needs.