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Since we started supplying lighting and camera equipment to nuclear clientele back in 1999, we’ve branched out to a wider range of LED lighting, cameras, and accessories. Are you looking to light up an area? Whether it is in a nuclear facility, 100 feet above a city park ora 100 feet underwater, we’ve got you covered.Need to monitor what’s going on? Our cameras, like our lights, are rugged, long-lasting, and can go pretty much anywhere, in-air or underwater. Oftentimes, getting the perfect set up depends on having the right accessories. We have cable reels, tripods, insulating resin, power adapters, and cable splicing tape. Need to extend your reach? Check out our retrieval tools, and remove foreign matter in hard-to-reach places. Not sure WHAT you need? Give us a call, and we’ll work with you to determine the best equipment to meet your needs.

Low Radiation Camera


Our cameras are designed for use in both air and water, and like everything we produce are built to last. We understand that our cameras are just one component of a system. We will work with you to customize a system to your specifications.  We have built customized systems for a dam retrofit on the Columbia River, an Antarctic expedition to research for Ice Fish, and observations at Sea World. Whether you want to explore inland waterways, study the depths of an Antarctic lake, or inspect the inside of a nuclear reactor, Lights Camera Action, LLC will work with you to create a system that is designed to fit your individual requirements.

Color CCTV Fixed Focus Cameras

The Blu-Vue cameras are a fixed focus CCTV type of camera. There is an inner housing in the Blu-Vue camera that gives additional strength to the outer housing and increased the radiation tolerance a bit. Typically, all CCTV type cameras are radiation tolerant about 2 x 104RAD. The increase of the inner housing will be noticeable, but it will also be minimal. You can shield the side of the module, but the gamma radiation cannot be shielded from the front window. The cable and controller for the Blu-Vue camera are designed for the nuclear environment and are therefore “heavy duty”. The Blu-Vue camera is designed with a detachable polyurethane cable. The controller was designed to eliminate weak points in molded power cables. Lights Camera Action, LLC globally sponsors underwater robotics by offering the SS-AquaCam to educational institutions at a 40% discount. Schools from Elementary level to College level benefit in being able to have a quality camera that is affordable.  The SS-AquaCam’ s 100’ neoprene cable is not detachable. It does come with a power supply and dimmable LED lights. It is a quality camera that gives a good color image although the resolution is lower than the Blu-Vue.

Introducing the new Blu-Vue 700 TriPlex™!  The Blu-Vue 700 is a proprietary design, high-end color analog camera with lower illumination requirements. That means it needs less light that you might expect while still delivering nearly HD quality at 700 TV.


The SS-AquaCam is a sleek, low cost color camera. Sporting a stainless-steel housing with 8 white LEDs and a winged mounting bracket, the SS-AquaCam can be used for ROV projects, scuba diving, oceanographic research, search-and-rescue operations, and much more.


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