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Connecting the MCDLS Delrin

Retaining  Sleeve And Spring
insertion Ring

 LCA Push Poles 

Lights Camera Action, LLC
builds for quality and performance.
A pole that does not fi t snuggly creates its own problems

LCA Stainless Steel Poles

Lights Camera Action, LLC
didn’t invent the pole system…
we just made it better.

Triplex White 

The TriPlex process is a revolutionary system
that has applicationsin anodizing
and in chemfilm processing

Mini Wet Pluggable

Molded neoprene or polyurethane
Two to eighteen contacts, 16 AWG
Up to 750 VDC

RAD-3SC 04042016

The RAD-3SC is designed to illuminate the
entire cavity using two RAD-3SC aligned
approximately 120° to160° apart pointing

RADION LED Lighting System

Our RADION LED lighting system provides
energy-efficient, environmentally safe light

RADION-3 – High Illumination LED

Do you need more light?Or maybe
dimmable panels to adjust your
lighting levels? Then check out

Wet Pluggable

Molded neoprene, some types available in polyurethane
Two to twelve contacts, 12 AWG.
(LPIL/LPBH-12 has 16 AWG. contacts.)


Quality You Can Count On, Customer
Service You Can Believe In

IR 300

Whether you need to inspect the
lower internals
or fi nd an FME, the compact

RH-400 Series Camera

Whether you need to inspect the lower
internals or fi nd an FME, the compact
RH-400 series high rad camera is you

RH-400 Color

The RH-400 radiation-tolerant color
system uses a special control unit
in conjunction with a high-powered
LED illuminator to provide

Blu-Vue Operation Manual

Front Window: If the front window is glass,
inspect for scratches or defects that might
compromise the pressure integrity of the camera.


The key to a quality video system is the
camera. The lighting, pan & tilt and console
are integral parts of the system but it is the

Blu-Vue 700 Titanium Brochure

Lights Camera Action, LLC’s diversifi cation
is a direct result of listening to its customers.
Although we utilize the patent pending TriPlex™

Blu-Vue 700 TriPlex Brochure

Lights Camera Action, LLC increases both
quality and technology while holding
pricing! Lights Camera Action, LLC is


Introducing the SS-AquaCam. Th is sleek,
low cost color camera sports a stainless
steel    housing and comes equipped with

SS-AquaCam Wiring Breakout

Foil around Clear Video wire Foil around
Clear Video wire helps shield against EMF

Underwater RH-300 Handbook LCA

This equipment operates from a 240V or
120V mains supply in addition, voltages
are generated within the unit which may be

Wet Pluggable

Wet Pluggable – IL_BH

Wet Pluggable – LPIL_LPBH

Wet Pluggable – LPMIL_LPMBH

Wet Pluggable – MCIL_MCBH

Wet Pluggable – MIL_MBH

Wet Pluggable – RMH

SS-AquaCam Wiring Diagram

How do I thread the Radion cable through the stainless steel pole system?