Dave Ollman.


Quad Cities Station has been very pleased with the performance of the RADION-6 lights so far.  We have been able to replace four (4) of the 1000 watt high pressure sodium lights with just two of the RADION-6 lights in our Spent Fuel Pool, with overall improved lighting and greatly reduced power input.  In addition, the whiter light of the RADION-6 LEDs has improved the performance of our Refuel Bridge grapple camera.  When adding in the fact that the LED lights will last longer than any other lamp type, it is a “no-brainer” when choosing an underwater light.

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David K. Ollman


Fuel Handling Supervisor

Outage Planning & Services- Reactor Services
Quad Cities Generating Station

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Jerry Pavetto.


The RADION-6 light we purchased prior to our last outage worked great.   We used the light while cleaning up our cask storage pool.  The light aided us in seeing and picking up small items left on the floor from processing control blades and channels for disposal. The RADION-6 illuminated the entire pool floor with no shadows and no need to relocate light as we worked.  We then moved the light to the spent fuel pool for fuel moves during the outage.  Fuel handlers reported that the light worked so well they were able to read new fuel serial numbers from the bridge.  The light also enhanced our mast camera by providing enough ambient light that we were easily able to us the mast camera for fuel rack location verifications.

We intend to use the RADION-6 to illuminate the cask during fuel loading for dry cask.  I feel confident that the RADION-6 will provide shadow free illumination of the cask greatly reducing the potential for a fuel moving error due to inadequate lighting.  A fuel moving event we recently experienced in our fleet had as a contributing factor inadequate lighting.


Jerry Pavetto

Reactor Services and Dry Cask Manager

Clinton Power Station

217 937-2630